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Cameron Thompson, 7, is a second grader at student at Tournament Hills Elementary in Beaumont, CA. He got in trouble recently for getting other boys to join him in making fun of another boy who brought a Barbie doll to school for show-and-tell. His apology, magnified by social media, is awesome.

His parents helped him understand that he’d made a bad choice and he wanted to do more than apologize. He told his mother he still felt bad months later and asked if he could start an anti-bullying club. Cameron’s Anti-Bullying Club was launched. He invited the boy he’d bullied to join and the two are now friends

His family started his website, commissioned the video that’s helping his story melt hearts, and also started his social media accounts. He’s also got a Twitter handle, Instagram page and Pinterest boards.

Cameron’s Facebook page, with nearly 1700 Likes, says “Please help me spread the word on bullying and it’s[sic] effect on others. I’m just a student who wants to make a difference.

The Today Show’s been to his school and he’s been featured in scores of articles, videos and blogs. And, proving once again how spot on Lego’s social media presence is, they sent him a letter of congratulations and sent him some Legoland swag.

Well done Cameron! (and Cameron’s mom!)