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yankees_game.jpgI love baseball (I took that photo at a Yankee game) and I’m crazy about The Player Blog, which is written by Major League baseball players.
The Player Blog has podcasts of interviews with players; and a link to the MLB Players Association Directory, which includes a neat little feature that allows you to search teams by players and position, league, or roster.
“What’s the ROI on blogging?” is the question corporations ask most often when I speak at conferences. Besides the interactivity, the search engine juice, the relationship building, the transparency and the other often-touted wonders of blogging, blogs are a perfect vehicle for sales. Yes, there are purists who will disagree. Think of them as stubborn and/or poor, and let’s move ahead.
What’s clever is that the Players Blog neatly incorporates e-commerce in the form of MLBlogs, where fans can pay $4.95 a month for their own baseball blog which is featured on the very feature-rich player blog portal; and a link to the MLB Players Shop, where you can customize and buy a player jersey for $189.99. Watch those fly out the door in a few more weeks! Posted by BL_Ochman