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By B.L. Ochman


Social Relationship Management Heats Up for Brands

In a move that changes the SEO game for brands, Google is now including SEO Company, real-time Tweets in its desktop search results. They made the announcement in a Tweet, natch.

Results show recent Tweets in carousel format for searches on a person or brand’s name. Approximately 5 Tweets are shown, generally close to the top of the main search page. Tweets began appearing in mobile search results since May, but this desktop rollout – for English language only right now – has been slow in coming.

A win-win partnership

The partnership is a win-win for Google and Twitter. Google gets access to more real-time news results, and Twitter gets broader exposure, which should please investors and advertisers, since other companies like SEO Brisbane for example are looking to seize this opportunity to work with them in order to gain access to this very valuable information that can greatly enhance the SEO services they provide. The move also adds fuel to rumors that Google is considering buying Twitter. I’d bet on that outcome!

A challenge for brands

Tweets now become an even more critical part of the SEO puzzle, and brands need to pay 24/7 attention to content appearing in their Twitter stream. That’s because Tweets can influence consumer behavior. Complaints, and brand response to them, will gain even wider exposure, making it really bad business to ignore consumer input. SEO Group Buy offer the most affordable and professional services around.

Searchers also will know if a brand Tweets infrequently or repeats the same Tweets many times. That kind of content is likely to discourage visits to brand sites.

Social relationship management platforms benefit too

The other winners in the formula are social relationship monitoring platforms like Brandwatch, Sprinklr and StatSocial, each of which help brands monitor their social presence and alert them to immediate issues.

Images Help Tweets Stand Out in Search Results

Including images in Tweets is more important than ever, because they attract the eye in search results. Here’s how an image shows in a recent search on my name:


Google search tracks #Hashtag Tweets Too

The latest Tweets for #hashtags and trending news stories related to them also show in search results. Here are some recent results for hashtags #DonaldTrump and #AshleyMadisonHack


SEO gets even more complex, beginning today. Ignore these changes at your reputation’s peril.