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Alibi Bar in Russia teamed up with UBER to distribute breathalyzer cards that let you know if you are too drunk to drive- or should arrange for a ride home.

Alibi Bar hands out the cards, fitted with saliva alcohol test strips. After drinking, patrons can peel off the testing strip, lick it and wait for the result. If it turns yellow, it’s safe to drive. But it if turns green, it is time to summon an Uber driver.

There are several portable alcohol breath testers available, including iPhone apps, a wearable one and one you add to your keychain. Several brands and agencies have experimented with point-of-sale stunts aimed at discouraging drunk driving and other alcohol-related dangers. This one is the most clever marketing devices we’ve seen so far.

The project was created by Red Pepper Creative, Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The tests are pretty accurate, but as Gabriel Beltrone observed in Adweek: “Then again, anyone who needs to drool on a piece of paper to see how responsibly they’ve been drinking should probably just take the cab anyway.”

HT/Karma Martell