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A No Bullshit Interview with Josh Bernoff

By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

In this short video, Josh Bernoff, author of Writing Without Bullshit, offers three top tips for taking the BS out of business writing.

“My definition of bullshit,” he says, “is any communication that is not clear and effective.”

Writing Without Bullshit

Boy, oh boy, is there ever a lot of muddled prose on the Internet. Why, I asked, is there so much bullshit in corporate writing? Simply put, Bernoff responded, “it’s the fear of saying what you really mean.” And the bad habits we learned in school.

Watch the video and learn how to become a No BS business writer.

Learn more at Bernoff’s Without Bullshit website or, if you’re at work, this SFW link will lead you to his site.