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Hosted by Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound
DSC_0890.jpgGuest Expert: BL Ochman, (that’s me!) CEO of Maximum-Plus Events & Workshops for Google Plus Success and a Google-certified Google+ Helpouts Coach

Time and Date:
4 to 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, April 17

Format: A live webinar on Google+

Register: $97

Description: How to use Google+ communities to connect with influencers
If you need to connect with influential people as part of your marketing strategy, no other social media property will give you better traction than Google+ and its Communities. As business people abandon Facebook for Google+, they’re often confused about where to start, where to spend most of their time and how to make the best contacts.
Register: $97

I’m CEO of and I teach Google+ strategy to brands, educators, associations and entrepreneurs. In this one-hour webinar, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make Communities one your most powerful networking tools.

You will learn:
• How Google+ communities can be your marketing and PR ace in the hole
• The difference between Communities and Circles
• How to find Communities that are perfect for you
• How to avoid newbie mistakes and create a killer profile so you put your best foot forward
• How to properly introduce yourself to the Community instead of squandering this opportunity like most people do
• Why you must NOT pitch…because you’ll be banned, and what to do instead
• The crucial 12 to 1 rule
• The etiquette of sharing and resharing content
• How to determine fairly quickly if a Community you’ve joined is worth the time and effort
• Why Google+ is no substitute for an integrated marketing plan
• How to use Google+ and its Communities in tandem with your blog
• Tips for starting your own Community and how to know when the time is right
• …and plenty of time for answering your questions

Register: $97

This webinar will be presented as a private Google Hangout. If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, don’t worry. You do not currently have to be using Google+. You can register and then join live on Google+ to see the private presentation, or you can watch on YouTube from your computer or any mobile device. Links will be sent to paid registrants before the webinar.

Register: $97
• The video replay if you cannot attend live. Or use it as a quick refresher
• A cheat sheet showing how to format your Google+ content so it’s readable
• A checklist of Google+ Hotkeys
• A step-by-step guide for creating your Google+ Hovercard