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fresh_direct_home.pngI love Fresh Direct! I haven’t been in supermarket in the five years I’ve been ordering from their website. So when I got an invite to last night’s tasting event, I was happy to go. Especially because it was announcing a partnership between Fresh Direct and Hope Lodge.

ACS.pngThe reception was just as cool as everything else Fresh Direct does, not to mention that the food was delicious. It was at the American Cancer Society’s soon-to-open, West 32nd Street branch of Hope Lodge, a new residential facility that will provide beautiful free lodging for people who need to come to New York for cancer treatments.
As the Hope Lodge website explains: “Surviving cancer is challenging enough without the prospect of economic devastation looming overhead.” Hotels and meals in New York City are among the most expensive in the world, and this can be a lonely city.
Hope Lodge offers a nurturing environment, and Fresh Direct will be providing food. Fresh Direct customers have so far donated $50,000 to ACS through with their orders because this company is more than a store. Fresh DIrect has become a way of life for New Yorkers, and despite what outsiders may think of us, New Yorkers help each other.
Here’s how you can help. Hope Lodge needs:
o books for its library. Do you have a publishing client willing to make donations?
o volunteers with special skills they can share, from yoga teachers to compassionate listeners.
o contributions of cash and goods.
Please contact Karen Radwin at the American Cancer Society if you can help.