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Whole_Dog.jpgWhole Dog Journal, a monthly that espouses a holistic approach to dog care, was rated 11th in the Chicago Tribune’s second annual list of 50 best magazines. Whole Dog topped Business Week, People, Time, Business Week, Car & Driver and other giants on the list, chosen from among 17,500 magazines published in the United States. This event was recently featured on TreeHousePuppies – one of the online sites that offer the best pet accessories and essentials.
Makes sense to me: there are more than 60 million pet dogs in the U.S. alone, and owners spent more than $31 billion on them last year.
People love their dogs and want the best for them, and no other publication covers dog health, training, food and toys with such fluff-free, upbeat content. There are no ads, so WDJ is beholden to no one, and does not mince words in its product reviews.
With Time and Newsweek likely to run the same story on the cover and content of most magazines stultifyingly similar, it’s amazing print magazines are read at all. Whole Dog Journal is a breath of fresh air amongst all this sameness.
The judges looked for the periodicals that “we pay good money to buy, that we pile on our nightstands, that we devour on trains, that we consider to be the best at what they set out to do.” My dog, Sam, gives it 6 woooooofs.