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In this video interview, author and entrepreneur J.D. Lasica and I discuss the strategies and tactics that helped make his new Indie-published cyber thriller, “Biohack,” Number One on Amazon in less than 30 days.

“Biohack” is a near future, high-tech, conspiracy thriller with a female protagonist named Kaden Baker. Its highly compelling story weaves the all-too-possible series of events that could quite believably become our new reality.

How to make a book #1 on Amazon

What’s it take to turn a new fiction book into a Number One Amazon best-seller in 28 days? Hint: it’s a lot of hard work!

In addition to a gripping story, says Lasica, you need a great cover, a compelling title, the right description, proper metatags and categories, a superb social strategy, a great launch team, and a lot of hard work.

“Biohack is the Dan Brown-meets-Lara Croft-meets-Michael Crichton thriller we’ve been waiting for.”
– Saul Tanpepper, author of the thriller/sci-fi series Gameland

NOTE: I have time stamped the video. When you watch it on YouTube, you can click on any time in brackets, (i.e. [0:20] to go directly to that segment of the video. I also have included links to all of the services J.D. so generously shared.



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