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By B.L. Ochman

I am enchanted not only by Guy Kawasaki’s new book, “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions!” but also by the way he is marketing it.

In Enchantment – which I guarantee you will fill with marginalia, plaster with sticky notes, and highlight with markers – Kawasaki gives down-to-earth, practical Internet-Age advice on how to go beyond persuasion to enchantment.

Find out how enchanting you are. Take the web quiz or Facebook version. (Most people score in the low teens. I, ahem, did very well. :>)

Enchanting, from cursing to technology
Without the self-righteousness so common in advice books, Kawasaki gives straightforward advice, tons of good examples and anecdotes, and a good-natured, often humorous view on how to win friends and influence people using charm, Twitter, technology, psychology, ethics, cursing, and Power Point.

Eleven of the 12 chapters are detailed, bullet-pointed how tos, checklists, and examples. Important chapters explain how to achieve both likability and trustworthiness. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll also learn how to overcome resistance, how to enchant with Twitter, Facebook, blogs and email, as well as how to enchant your employees and your boss.

A personal approach to marketing
While his staff surely did the research, Kawasaki followed his own advice for marketing the book. Instead of just sending bloggers, including me, a review copy of the book and a press release, he’s offering quizzes, infographics, embeddable videos, photo contests and personal interviews to encourage us spread his advice about enchantment. He sent personal emails, instead of having a publicist pitch us, and has been responsive to questions via email and Twitter. In a word, he’s been enchanting.

If you somehow don’t know him, Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist, prolific Tweeter, @guykawasaki (with mote than 315,000 followers) blogger, author of 10 books, co-founder of the web directory Alltop, and former chief evangelist for Apple.

“You can’t count on a review in The New York Times,” he told Dr Dean in The Millionaire Nurse Blog “…in this day and time, it is just as important to get the word out to all the different media types,” he said. The infographic, below, explains Enchantment’s concepts in a nutshell.
Enchantment Infographic