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grimreaperr.jpgMy friend Ed Miller, who lives in Lake Tahoe, CA, told me about the BEAR League, which has more than 900 members, and which helps bears and people live peacefully together through education.
Their Grim Reaper campaign asks people not to feed bears anything any time. The poster, (left) soon will be featured on bumper stickers and magnets.
Executive Director, Ann Bryant, says “We are inviting our bears into our neighborhoods with easy access to food and garbage and then killing them for taking us up on an offer no bear can resist.”
The Tahoe (Fish & Game Dept. kills bears when they are “pesky”, so the BEAR League has a life-saving “aversion” program to try to scare them away from the subdivisions, where people leave garbage outside.”
Porcupine.jpgBryant rescued Marvin the Porcupine when he was a baby. Marvin lives indoors, is box trained, and rides in a trailer behind her bicycle!