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Lo and behold, this evening I got an email from PRSA’s Director of Public Relations, Janet Troy, who said “As of Thursday, October 14 we have received a cancellation of a workshop and we are exploring the feasibility of adding a blogging session in the 2004 program. Details will be provided as soon as they are available.”
Emails flew back and forth all day between me and PRSA officers. In one of my favorites, PRSA’s Catherine Bolton said that the conference was booked months ago and there is no room for blogging, although she agrees “that blogging is something we need to know about.”
That would make great sense if blogging was something that cropped up last week, or even last year. But it’s been around, and gaining steam, for several years.
I told PRSA, again, that I am available at a moment’s notice to put a blogging track together for them. Stay tuned.
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