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Larry_King.jpg“The Presidential election is similar to a jury trial. No one can predict the outcome. Anything that happens will be a surprise with an election this close. I have never seen a country so divided, “Larry King, (left) told several hundred publicists at the PRSA 2004 International Conference at the New York Hilton Hotel today.
In shtick he’s probably done a thousand times, he said that after more than 40,000 live interviews, the person he’d most like to interview is God. “Do you have a son?” he’d ask him.
King, who says his secret is that he never prepares for an interview. “The less I know, the more comfortable I am,”

know, the more comfortable I am,” he said. “I just let my insatiable natural curiosity take over. I never have an agenda. I’m there to learn in an entertaining manner.”
He was hilariously funny and completely charming. But what’s all this got to do with PR? King was introduced by PR czar Howard Rubenstein, (right,) with whom he grew up in Brooklyn.
Consensus opinion on Donald Trump, who spoke earlier: arrogant SOB. At least we know what he has to do with PR: he lives for it.