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liveearth_pledge.pngWhat did Live Earth accomplish? Did it just bring together the choir? Did it really raise global awareness of the impending climate crisis? Or was it just an excuse for a party? Depends who you believe.

And it’s not what happened yesterday that matters.It’s what happens tomorrow and every day from now on. What matters is whether young people can be persuaded that their voice, and their vote can make a difference.
One 55ish man at the MoveOn Live Earth party I attended said that the Internet means nothing. “Rupert Murdoch controls mainstream media,” he said, “and he’ll soon control the Internet too.” And, he added, “Who do you think really reads bloggers? People who already share their point of view.”
I’d have to pack it in now if I wanted to take that cynical a view. While he may still be getting his news from TV and newspapers, millions of people – particularly those under 35 – turn to the Internet for headlines and opinions. And it was through the Internet – and in this country principally through – that millions of people not only learned about, but also were motivated to attend Live Earth events or watch the live Internet broadcasts.
More importantly, wherever you get your news — whether its right wing FOX or the liberal Daily Show — headlines around the world addressed global warming yesterday and today.
Will millions of people change the bulbs in their homes to CFLs? Will they shut off the lights and appliances when they’re not using them? I believe they will. What do you think?
Note: Al Gore has lost about 30 pounds. And Live Earth was a global Al Gore love fest. Is his 2008 announcement again possible? Stay tuned.
Posted by B.L. Ochman