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sam charley 99 copy.jpgI told a story tonight at a story slam at The Moth I got a pretty decent score from the judges and it was a rush to be on stage in front of a couple hundred people. The theme of the slam was Great Escapes.
Twice, my dog Sam and I have encountered bad guys in bad situations. One time, it was a bum sleeping in the vestibule, wearing a big hunting knife on his belt. Another time it was a man hiding in a closet where garbage was kept in the hallway outside my office in SoHo.
Each time Sam licked the man in the face and scared him half to death. “Call of the dog! Call off the dog!” both of them begged. And I said, “OK, but you have to leave right now.” And both of them hightailed it out of there so fast my head spun.
Both times Sam assesed the situations correctly, and instantly, and we made our great escapes unharmed.
So I think the world would be a better place if, instead of guns and knives, more people carried Labradors.