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Speakers at Search Engine Strategies Chicago note that blogs are a great way to reach journalists, according to Search Engine Watch.

“You don’t have to make that much of a distinction between the conventional journalist and the citizen journalist, especially from a marketing perspective,” said Nan Dawkins, Partner at Redboots Consulting.
Dawkins’ tips for optimizing blogs and press releases for news search:
– establish a relationship with bloggers who might want to write about your company, product or service

That’s exactly what PR people are supposed to do with traditional journos, but rarely do. Sadly, bloggers get a lot of “dear blogger” emails, and pitches that clearly indicate the writer has never seen the blog. Some things, apparently, just haven’t changed.

– send your press releases to “trusted bloggers” and try and send it to them the day before or two days before it goes to the wire service,” but make sure its clear they know not to post it in advance of the wire service. A lot of times, they will take your exact release and put it online, sometimes posting their own commentary – so you want to make sure you time it correctly.”

Sure, bloggers might use content right out of your press release. They also might refute it, or make fun of it in a no holds barred way that traditional journalists don’t.

And hey, don’t forget, bloggers are people. We like it when you talk to us like you’re a human too.