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Dan Barry reports in the New York Times that DaimlerChrysler has created what it calls the “first ever” living window display by challenging a family of three to live for five days in a 2004 Dodge Durango SUV that’s parked in Times Square.
Just a silly PR stunt? Maybe, but it got a full column in About New York on the cover of the New York Times Metro section.
That’s no small feat, but they’ve missed a great opportunity for multi-media promotion. Although streaming media from the site, or even a web cam would be perfect for this stunt, there is not a word about it on the Dodge Durango site or the Chrysler site.

For every day they stick it out, Chrysler donates $5,000 to a homeless organization, “up to a total donation of $25,000!” If the family lasts five days, they own the car.
As Barry noted, the value of the SUV is $36,000 so homeless organizations might have made out better if DaimlerChrysler just gave them an SUV to sell. And he noted “Lost in all the self-congratulatory giddiness was the irony that some homeless families actually do live in cars.”
Even with the pot shots that create a balanced view, the story ends on a positive note, showing that both the family and passersby are having fun with the challenge.
A call for additional information to the DaimlerChrysler flack listed as “your contact” was not returned.