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Ethics Crisis Blog is back! Ethics – corporate, government, personal – are too important for us not to bring back Ethics Crisis Blog. I created this blog in 2004 – pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook wall posts – for a client who’s since moved into another business.

I never took Ethics Crisis Blog down because people kept voting on the confessions.

Maybe it’s the anonymity of the Internet, or a reflection on crowd behavior, or some other phenomenon I have yet to understand, but it soon became apparent that you’d probably have to be a mass murderer for people to collectively condemn your unethical behavior.

So, here we are in the most ethics-challenged era, perhaps ever, and I figure people might like a friendly place to ANONYMOUSLY (really, I don’t know who the confessors are) confess their ethics transgressions so the rest of us can sit in judgment. :>)

Though we just re-launched this morning, there’s already a new confession. How bad do you think it is? Have fun reading, rating and commenting on the confessions!

Welcome back.