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When you’re buying CPMs at $.50 cents, do you really want to get bogged down in meaningless metrics?” asked Blogads Founder Henry Copeland of the sparsely attended “Do-It-Yourself Advertising” session at Ad Tech, “Or do you want to get on with it and sell your product?”
I think attendance at the session was small for two reasons: one, the session should have been named soemthing like “All About Blog Advertising,” and two, corporations and ad agencies simply aren’t getting the potential and the current impact of blog advertising.
The scariest part of blog advertising, said Farah Miller of Random House, “is the thought that the big guys will find out about it. You’re too busy selling your products to worry about meaningless metrics.”
It is said, Copeland noted, that there are more than 18 million bloggers. But only 100,000 blog religiously every day, and only 10,000 to 20,000 blog about one subject — and are therefore interesting to advertisers. Of those, there are now only about 1,000 bloggers making serious money from advertising. That number will rise soon.
The panel was moderated by Tig Tillinghast, publisher of MarketingVOX and panelists included Joel Bartlett, Marketing Director, PETA, Henry Copeland, Founder, Blogads, Philip Kaplan, Adbrite (and Fuc*ed Company), Farah Miller, Random House.