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elephant.jpgTeva, the company that produces sport sandals and footwear is designing a new line of shoes made especially for an elephant named Tina who lives at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Tina, who is 9 foot tall and 9100 pounds, is a 34 year-old Asian elephant suffering from a debilitating foot disease. She’s the only elephant at the sanctuary who was born in captivity.
The Teva design will protect the bottoms of Tina’s feet so she can navigate throughout the habitat pain-free. When she gets her new shoes you’ll be able to watch her on the sanctuary’s way cool Elecam. Will this sell Tiva shoes to humans? You bet! But Teva is missing a big opportunity by not integrating the elephant project with its Web site. And the project cries out for a blog.
“Perhaps she will start an elephant fashion craze,” said Teva’s rep in a release on Business Wire. Or something.