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The 2004 Worldwide Market Survey on Media Monitoring, sponsored by claims that the majority of PR professionals “are not altering their media monitoring methods to adapt to recent changes in media channels and the new realities of digital news dissemination.”
Then in the next breath, the survey says that PR firms combine print and electronic clip monitoring services. PR professionals are not confident that any single news monitoring service can meet their monitoring needs. “Consequently,” the survey notes, “the typical end-user is monitoring news via three or four different means.” I’d call that prudent.
The survey notes that many news outlets on the Internet have far more readers than most daily newspapers, yet PR professionals continue to stress print clips. In my experience, that’s mostly at the demand of clients, who still want to see their names in the evening paper and don’t realize the impact of online media.
Noting that both news and corporate bashing are hitting the Internet before they reach print media, William J. Comcowich, President and CEO of CyberAlert, Inc. contends that electronic media services are more efficient than print monitoring services.
Well, gee, what would you expect the president of an electronic media monitoring service to say?
Interestingly, the median budget for outsourced news monitoring is $808 per month or just under $10,000 per year. One quarter (26%) of all respondents indicated their organization spends more than $1,000 per month on outsourced services.
An Executive Summary of the “2004 Worldwide Media Monitoring Survey” is available free of charge.