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The news about Wal-Mart’s heavy handed “image” tactics and questionable ethics keeps cropping up like a bad penny. Today a front page story in the NY Times is about Wal-Mart vendors claiming that Wal-Mart is strong arming them into joining its PR offensive.
Says the Times story:

Wal-Mart, having helped start an advocacy group that trumpets its contributions to America, is now helping that organization recruit Wal-Mart’s suppliers to join the public relations offensive – a move that some vendors say puts improper pressure on them.
“The campaign…shows how eager the company is to fend off a well-organized union-backed campaign critical of its wages and benefits.” … In response, Wal-Mart has hired Edelman, a major public relations firm, which has created a public relations war room at the company headquarters and reached out to bloggers who support the company.