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Corky Siemaszko of the NY Daily News reports that Rush Limbaugh’s spin team had a secret PR plan to save his image after his admission of addiction to prescription painkillers.
It’s a perfect example of why PR is so often used as a synonym for BS.

Keven Bellows, who handles PR for the Clear Channel Communications unit of Premiere Radio Networks, wrote a letter to Kraig Kitchen, PRN president recommending a survey of Limbaugh’s listeners to gauge their reaction to Limbaugh’s admission of drug addiction.
“If the results are positive, we can use PR with stations, advertisers and the media,” the memo states. “If not, we don’t have to publicize,” she wrote.
Bellows also suggested that they “Post a call to action on Rush’s site telling his audience that the best way they can support him is to stay tuned to his local station. Let the station know they are listening to the program