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pet_food_recall.jpgMSNBC reports that contaminated dog food from Diamond Pet Food has killed at least 76 dogs.
Watch the Diamond Pet Food brand die as this news spreads unless a caring and effective crisis plan is put into effect immediately.
Calls to the company Customer Info Center – 866.214.6945 – get a recording that says they are currently experiencing a large volume of calls and asking you to leave a message. Absolutely an inadequate response! Get the executives and a group of veterinarians on the phone immediately!
It Is Absolutely Inexscusable That Diamond’s Site is Not Up to Date!
Absolutely inexcusably — because this problem has been known and getting worse since mid-December — the Diamond Pet Food website is not up to date and its servers seem to be overloaded, causing the site to go down regularly.
In December, Diamond Pet Food recalled 19 brands of dog and cat food for being contaminated with aflatoxin, a naturally occurring toxic chemical by-product from the growth of the fungus Aspergillus flavus, on corn and other crops.
Pay the bills
The company needs to:
– apologize and assure the public that they are on top of the problem. Right now their last statement was made in December!
– immediately institute a recall information blog,
– get its executives online to keep consumers up to the minute,
– bring in veterinarians who can advise consumers whose dogs may have eaten the contaminated products
– start a fund to cover the vet bills and death expenses of affected pets.
The Diamond Pet Food website “about us” states Diamond is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of super-premium dog and cat foods and is the choice of top breeders, kennel owners, and sporting enthusiasts.
Update: Cornell Veterinary School Diamond Pet Food situation information site here
– Dec. 30 FDA Statement
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