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One too many press releases from hell landed in his inbox and blogger Jeremy Zawodny is mad as hell. Zawodny is seeking a source for a tech PR blacklist because he gets “so damned much spam (I mean “pitches”) that I’m starting to think that life would be better if I just blocked email from all the big names in Tech PR.”
I’m all for outing flacks who send unsolicited attachments, blast out press releases, and spam reporters and bloggers. And anyone who reads this blog knows that I often do. But Zawodny’s proposal is about as ridiculous as Russell Beattie’s recent anti-PR rant.
The bottom line is that PR has an image problem and it needs to be fixed or the profession will lose what little credibility it still has.
Get a life
This is an age old problem that journalists have bitched about forever. Fat lot of good it’s done, since a lot of clueless flacks are still practicing. Bloggers, new to PR press lists, are seeing first-hand what all the complaining has been about. And guess what, there’ll still be good flacks and bad flacks next year and the year after that.
A good spam filter will let you get rid of the worst offenders Jeremy. Deep breath…. Move on.