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Talk about lame! Last week, Ketchum PR announced in a press release from hell, that they are starting a blog practice. I, and several other bloggers, pointed out that Ketchum had no blog or RSS feed on their site. Apparently stung by criticism, after the fact, they started a blog called Ketchum Ideas. And boy is it lame!
Today’s post has some “new” ideas that have been discussed for years in the blogosphere. Here are some suggestions for names that describe the Ketchum blog better:
* Ketchum Old Ideas Blog
* Ketchum Other People’s Ideas Blog
* Ketchum Beat a Dead Horse Blog
* Ketchum Is Clueless Blog
Shel Israel, who, like me, calls himself a recovering publicist, used to work at Ketchum and left when they refused to let him bring in the Internet client that helped him start his own agency. He writes about Ketchum’s new blog here, calling the and post “Ketchum Tries to Blog”