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A report by Bennett & Company, noted in eMarketer, states that PR professionals will be glad to know that 68% of journalists say they depend on PR firms for stories. Still, 62% say they use information from PR firms for only between 1% and 10% of story content.
Among respondents, 58% of journalists prefer to get information via e-mail. Seventy percent of journos responding claimed to read every e-mail they get, but only 65 percent of journos sent the survey actually opened the message. Given that I get more than 600 e-mails a day, I am sure journalists at established news organizations get more, and lose many to spam filters.
As for those members of the media who do not read every e-mail message, 23% say compelling e-mail subject lines get them to open and read e-mail messages whereas 8% only read the e-mails from known senders.
Respondents also said they prefer to receive multimedia in email attachments — something I find really hard to believe since they are big bandwidth hogs and attachments can carry viruses.
Thanks for Mitch Joel for the tip