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Since blogging seems to me to be one of the most effective — and so far under or poorly utilized — marketing tools ever, I decided to engage Bob Bly in conversation and to try to educate him about blogging.
We’ve been emailing back and forth for a couple of days. Last night I sent him a copy of my new report, “What Could Your Company Do With a Blog?” and to my delight, in my email this morning was his endorsement of the report:
You may use this as a testimonial:
“For anyone, and especially non-bloggers like me, Ochman’s new report demystifies blogging, showing novices how to do blogs correctly and the mistakes to avoid. Highly recommended.”
–Robert W. Bly, author, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing

He also wrote, in reponse to me saying I hope to convert him to blogs:
Unlikely, but I am appreciative of as much information and education as I can get on this topic…..
My biggest problem aside from lack of hard ROI evidence is that most blogs I encounter are poorly written and lacking useful ideas and advice (yours is the exception, not the rule).

I would agree that many, not most, blogs are poorly written, and plug ugly too. But that doesn’t condemn all blogs by any means. Most Websites, articles, brochures and reports are poorly written too.
So guys, do you have any case studies on blog ROIs? If you do, please send them my way and I will pass them along. And learn from them too.