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SteppinOutPublicist.jpgWho knows what possessed ex-Paris Hilton publicist and Hollywood flack Siri Garber to pose in her underwear for the cover of Steppin Out Magazine but the interview with her is a classic example of why publicists have a bad image.
“Publicists can also make or break a journalist,” the interviewer writes. “The rules are simple. Develop a friendly relationship with a publicist and they’ll take your call. Cross them and your career could be finished,” says the interviewer. Tell that to a flack trying to get a client into BusinessWeek!
Q: is it okay to lie to the media in order to protect that client?
A: We [publicists] look at it as white lies! You know what I mean?” Gee, sounds like Gerber would fit right in at the White House.
“I always wanted to be a hipper, younger publicist who wasn’t conservative.