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Iraq_Monument.jpgAs we reported on Sept. 16, the US Government is looking for a PR firm to promote the Iraq War to Iraqis because, according to the Request for Proposal, “recent polls suggest support for the Coalition is falling and more and more Iraqis are questioning Coalition resolve, intentions and effectiveness.”
O’Dwyer PR (subscription required) reports that the RFP includes a “remains processing” section which says that the remains of PR people will be handled the same as U.S. soldiers, and shipped to Kuwait. The PR firm must coordinate the movement of the remains back to the U.S., and is responsible for notification.
The Coalition envisions a PR firm able to set up “social engagements” bringing together various “influencers.” The PR firm also is to poll Iraqis about their opinions of various Coalition messages and themes. That data is to be used as “actionable intelligence to sharpen, refine or adjust Coalition methods or messages.”
Mind boggling, isn’t it?