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Dell’s one2one blog hasn’t been updated since last Friday.
And now it’s been reported that Dell’s one2one blog Dell shares the same name as a porn site,, a site that promises, among other things, ‘hot live babes ready to please you 24/7’.
This would be funny, except it just shows that Dell’s agency didn’t know enough about the Internet to do the MOST fundamental thing of all: check to see if anyone was using the same, or a similar name.
I’m quite certain they aren’t quite sure which way to go next. They’ve said they’re listening to customers. Now they need to prove it.
Here’s what Dell customers (I am one) want you to make happen NOW:
– Next time we have a problem with our Dell computer, we want some one who speaks intelligible English to take our call
The accent isn’t the issue though. As long as the person can speak English clearly and make him or herself understood in English AND solve the problem they can have any kind of accent in the world. The people who take Dell customer service calls speak horrible English and act like they’ve never heard these problems before.
The first person who takes the call needs to know enough to solve the problem without putting you on terminal hold while they try to read whatever manual they are trying to read to learn about the problem. Or are they handling more than one service call at a time and is that why they put you on hold for 20 minutes or more every time they say “I need to put you on hold for a minute.” Don’t waste our time.
How fast you resolve the issue is at least as important as how fast you pick up the call. I have waited entire afternoons for a tech support person to try to solve a simple problem. Don’t waste our time.
Don’t tell us to re-install Windows before you try to solve the problem intelligently and knowledgeably. You do that so often that it’s become a joke.
You say you need time to improve your customer service. How long will it take? Give us an estimated time of arrival and we’ll try to cut you some slack if it’s a reasonable time. Dell Hell customer service is, after all, not a new problem.
And, yes, I still seem to be banned. from the Dell one2one blog.
UPDATE July 19: One of my comments was published today on the Dell one2one blog. Halelulah.