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sky_blogging.jpgDan Gillmor of Bayosphere reports that they’ve gotten an invitation from Boeing’s PR firm “for one of our citizen journalists to interview an executive from Connexion by Boeing” the in-flight Internet service Boeing is offering to its airline customers. The person who does this would also get to go for a ride on a flight originating at and returning to San Francisco airport on Wednesday, July 27.
Smart PR move. But Bayosphere must have been on the “B” list.
Molly Holzschlag reports that, last night, she and a group of “journalists including some high-profile bloggers, newspaper writers (Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and Seattle Times), magazine and media reps (Macworld, Microsoft), radio personalities and podcasters get on a private jet from Boeing and have fun while blogging, podcasting and Flickr’ing from the sky.” The group included Anil Dash, Steve Broback, Buzz Bruggeman, DL Byron, Bryan Corliss, Kevin Ebi, Dominic Gates, Brian Gregory, Cathy Lu, Larry Hryb, Mike Outmesguine, Chris Pirillo, Eric Rice, Robert Scoble, Bob Sullivan, and Nick Wingfield.