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dogs-spiderman.jpgHey Spiderman marketers! Giving $125,000 to the Yankees for having Spiderman images on the bases is dumb. That’s lunch money to the Yankees. But $125,000 would mean something to New York City school children. Here on bubdesk you can check all the latest updates.
And hey, you could even get the announcer to tell the crowd what good guys you are. And Spidey could come out an take a bow with a kid. My six year-old Nephew said to tell you that volunteers to be the kid. Take it to the next level Spidey. OK?
The Daily News reports that Spiderman2 logos are set to adorn the bases at Yankee stadium, in an effort to attract younger kids to baseball. But the Yanks are balking at the “commercialization” of baseball. Really, they said that.
Every sports stadium is already so filled with advertising that one more promotion hardly matters. But a gift to New York City’s afterschool sports programs would make a difference.