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I spoke at e-consultancy’s London conference on new media last month, and gave the pros and cons of corporate blogging. A lot of what I said seemed to be news to the marketers in the audience, and it does seem that the United States is ahead of Europe in adopting corporate blogging. Today, Chris Lake at econsultancy has a post about The 12 reasons why UK businesses don’t blog, and my favorite is:

4 – Your PR agency thinks blogging is a bad move.
Ok, first you need to book a lunch appointment. Then, you can play a game with them. Ask them to explain how Google works. Ask them about RSS. Ask them about anchor text. Ask them to give you some tips on online copywriting. Ask them why blogging would be a bad move, with all the above in mind…
The fact is that most PR agencies are not even vaguely qualified to advise you on blogging, or even about online PR. You might realise this over a long lunch.”