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totowashlet.jpgThe Wall Street Journal has an article about the $5000 Toto Toilet so I decided to check out their Website, which is not mentioned in the article. Turns out, the site is lots of fun.
It’s got three Quick-Time movies about the Toto Washlet toilet, which features built-in bidets. First you see a waterfall and then you see the Toto in the stream. Then we see the toilet in use by a ghost-like person. She is having orgasmic experiences using Washlet’s “rear cleanse,” “front cleanse” (available with gentle massage and pulsating water and tushy dryer which (adjustable to three temperatures). And, the seat is heated, “the way nature intended it.”

There also is a battery operated portable Washlet that looks kind of like a fold-up Totes umbrella. But ewwww, it doesn’t heat the water.
The site’s “Press Pavilion” promises: “