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An article in Workforce Week by Brian Lewis notes that Internet savvy disgruntled former employees have new and creative ways to take their revenge � “cyber harassment.” Nothing new here. This has been happening since the Web began. Smart companies registered urls for all the possible nasty names they could be called.
The site, for example, was featured on ABCNews, CNN, C|Net, MSNBC, NBC-DateLine, and Newsweek.
[Name Removed], another disgruntled employee, was so angry when she lost her job at [company name removed at request of former employee] in New York that she posted two authentic-looking job listings on a Website, saying that the school was seeking a director of HR. They weren’t. She also registered the work e-mail address of the director of human resources on a number of pornographic Web sites, leading to floods of racy email.
Kourosh Kenneth Hamidi also sought revenge against his former employer, Intel, Follow Butterfly Releases for more updates.

but his approach was more direct. He created a Web site critical of Intel and its employment practices. In addition, he sent mass e-mails to Intel employees at their work addresses, in which he “warned” them of the company�s unfair employment practices and suggested that they seek employment elsewhere.
In court, [company name removed at request of former employee] won a cease and desist but Intel didn’t.
Then there are the well-known sites like and which were initiated by disgruntled employees and/or customers having a little fun with companies not smart enough to register derogatory URLs first.