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Paris Hilton’s publicist, Dan Klores, was brilliant to pick “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live as her only promotional appearance. SNL is scripted and Hilton had the option of walking away if things got too rough, which they didn’t.
Hilton wore a demure gray suit (jeez, was that maybe a little overboard?) and engaged in playful banter with Update host Jimmy Fallon. Gothamist blog ran a transcript, which included:

JF: Is there double occupancy at the Paris Hilton?
PH: No.
JF: Fair enough, okay. I throw a lot of events. Do they have ballrooms there?
PH: We do.
JF: Great, I’d love to have my balls held by the Paris Hilton. Sounds awesome. I’d like to check into the Paris Hilton.
PH: I don’t think you can.
JF: Really? I’d only be able to stay there a minute and a half…two minutes, tops.
PH: Good luck.
JF: I’m a VIP, I might need to go through the back entrance.
PH: Doesn’t matter who are you