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translation_keyboard_small.jpgA wrong translation of a foreign language blog post could land your company in a public relations minefield. Even the wrong translation of a positive post could have unforeseen consequences on your firm’s reputation. Don’t depend on machine translations by Google and BabelFish, which are not adequate for business.
To demonstrate the difference between SRF Global Translations’ nuanced multilanguage translation and an automated Google or Babel Fish translation, SRF will translate a non-English blog post that mentions a company’s name, and a response, for the special price of $US 98. (Back translations are US $125.)
How SRF Global’s multilanguage blog post translation process works:

  • Upload a Chinese, Spanish, Italian, or French blog post of up to 200 (or so) words that mentions your company name
  • Receive a certified correct edited version of the post in English
  • Use this form to write and upload the company’s response to the translated post so SRF Global can translate it into the original language and you can post it on the blog

  • Upload an English blog post and response that mentions your company and needs to be translated into Chinese, Spanish, Italian, or French.
  • Or you can phone Sloan at 212.291.7525
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