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Serena_Boots.jpgNike has designed Serena Williams a pair of tennis boots. They’re sneakers with a removable sleeve that attaches at the foot and climbs up to the knee. The sleeve, Nike designer Wilson Smith explained, offers extra support for weary calf muscles and are designed to be worn comfortably just like a pair of golf shoes. They look more Star Wars than U.S. Open.
Oddly, the Nike Website makes no mention whatsoever of Williams’ new boots. Another wasted opportunity to integrate the Website into the company’s marketing programs.
ESPN Sports Business notes that Williams has worn Puma’s shoe and apparel for the past six years. In July, seven months after her contract with the company expired, it appeared she was ready to renew the relationship. At the time, she told that she was “closing up things with Puma,” because they would make it easier for her to make her own clothing line.
Over the past couple of months, Nike is believed to have agreed to give Serena design input on her signature shoes and apparel lines.