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This pitch, sent to “undisclosed recipients” landed in my email box this afternoon. How clueless is it? Let’s count the ways:
_ It’s addressed to Carol. Not my name.
_ it’s about a bridal fashion show. I cover Internet marketing.
_ If I did want the shots, I’d want them to be digital. And I’d want them right away, not next Tuesday.
_ The phone number in the email was picked up by a machine with a recording about materials being due by June 1st. Today is the 22nd.
_ My email, asking why I was on the list, came back as undeliverable.
Hi, Carol:
The only photography we took during the last Bridal Market here was of the DEBI Awards Gala. Will those work? There was a fashion show there and I have some runway shots. If those will be ok, I’ll be happy send some. About how many would you need? I will have to send them out today to be duplicated, but I will receive them back by Monday and can overnight them then, so you would have them by Tuesday. Just let me know!
Mary Beth