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titi_monkey.jpgWired News calls Drew Black of a PR mastermind in an article about their unorthodox marketing. Yeah, he is, kind of.
The company bids up prices on seemingly worthless eBay items such as the grilled cheese sandwich that looked like the Virgin Mary, for which they paid $28,000. And they paid $10K for a pretzel shaped like Mary holding the baby Jesus. I guess they are trying to attract holy rollers.
“The result is the sort of media coverage that Madison Avenue executives would kill for,” says Wired. “That’s very cheap,” said marketing professor Rashi Glazer of the University of California at Berkeley. “The cost of the PR they got could have been in the millions of dollars.” Yeah, but GoldenPalace’s plan is a one-trick pony.
The cooler part of the story is that GoldenPalace paid $650,000 to Wildlife Conservation Society when they auctioned off the right to name a new species of titi monkey. They named the monkeys Callicebus aureipalatii, Latin for golden palace titi monkey. And the Society gets to use the money to protecting the monkey’s habitat in Bolivia.