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EDS has launched EDS’ Next Big Thing Blog, in which its leading technology experts will discuss trends, attitudes and the impact of technology on our lives.
The blog, which launched June 15, and therefore has had time to iron out kinks, still has no permalinks or trackbacks, two crucial ingredients in blog functionality.
The company’s blogging guidelines are simple and straightforward:
1. We will tell the truth.
2. We will review all comments for content before they are posted.
3. We will try to respond to comments as fast as possible.
4. We will link to all of our online resources directly.
5. We will respect your comments and disagree with them where appropriate.
However, I would like to know what the guidelines are for acceptable comments. The second item is too vague.
About The EDS Fellows
According to the blog, the title of EDS Fellow is awarded to the company’s most innovative thought leaders in recognition of their exceptional achievements. Each Fellow has a proven track record of creating world-class solutions for our clients.
And hey, I got a smart pitch from Kevin Lightfoot, EDS Director of Industry & Business Communications. It began:
“Hi BL,
I read your entry about IBM’s latest blog last week and I thought you would be interested to know that we recently launched our first corporate blog on June 15th. EDS’ Next Big Thing [which] features members of the EDS Fellows program who discuss the future of technology.”
Bravo! PR people: Please print that pitch out and paste it on your computer right now.