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I know it, you know it, the media knows it, so why are PR agencies the only ones who still don’t know that bullshit PR speak in press releases is a joke? Why are agencies still sending out press releases from hell?
Steve Hall at adrants puts it well today when he describes the press release announcing that eBay has hired BBDO as its agency.
Says Hall: “In a say nothing press release, Cobb gave lots of BBDO love calling the agency the “best agency in the business. Continuing, he uttered the PR cut and paste, “To generate the integrated marketing efforts we undertake today, we needed an agency that could deliver creative excellence across our marketing mix.”
I do like the quote from BBDO CEO Jeff Mordos,because it sounds like it was uttered by a human: “eBay is a marketing person’s dream … It’s a phenomenal brand that’s a huge part of the popular culture. We’re honored that eBay has selected us as a partner and look forward to helping them build their business.”