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Domino’s Pizza knows that the period between Christmas and New Years is filled with slow news days. This is the perfect time for surveys like the two Domino’s churned out yesterday, which you can expect to hear about on the evening news nationwide tonight.
One survey said that two thirds of Americans are staying home on New Year’s eve and 42 percent say they will dine on pizza. Domino’s has doubled its staff for the night because it expects to deliver one million pizzas.
The company also released a survey of 630 Domino’s Pizza drivers in Washington. DC where “Paris Hilton” is the Number One fake name used by

people calling for pizza deliveries. Thirty eight percent of the Paris Hiltons order pepperoni topping. US Attorney General John Ashcroft was the second most popular fake name.
Domino drivers report that people who answer the door naked tip better than those clothed. Nine percent answer the door nude and they tip more than 20%, compared with 2% of people in pajamas.
Journalists Love Surveys
Journalists eat surveys for breakfast, because they are easy and fast to report on and represent a fair size sampling of people. Other surveys hitting the news today include:
Raleigh Triangle Business Journal, NC
A new survey from the Society for Human Resources Management shows executives and top managers think 2004 will be a good one for employees.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports on a Badger poll released by the university of Wisconsin survey center.
Gloominess splits along party lines in America, with Republicans more optimistic about finances and national affairs.
However, the chasm between Republicans and Democrats has never been greater in the 1 1/2 years the Badger Poll has measured the “gross national spirit.”