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Right after I read Steve Hall’s post in adrants about a Burst study that confirms the obvious fact that the Internet is a primary shopping resource, I got a press release from Infocom Group telling me that:

Nearly twice as many PR practitioners read Bulldog Reporter’s Daily Dog online trade journal as read PR Week, its nearest competitor, according to a survey sent by email to 25,000 PR professionals. The survey also showed that the Daily Dog is read by 13 times as many people weekly as read Jack O’Dwyer’s website, another competitive service.

The Daily Dog, to which I did NOT subscribe, – and of which I receive THREE copies every day despite repeated emails asking them to send only one – is free, as in no charge, gratis. PR Week subscriptions are $128 a year. O’Dwyer PR is $295 a year. With that sub, you get access to the O’Dwyer Directoriy of PR Firms ($175 if bought separately) and and the O’Dwyer Directory of Corporate Communications ($130). and to other services.
Infocom group publishes excellent but expensive media directories ($2500 for a set of all six), a variety of other high-price publications and services including the $695 a year Bulldog Reporter newsletter. Daily Dog is a tool to promote Infocom’s other products and services. Comparing it to PR Week or O’Dwyer’s is comparing apples to oranges.
I guessa lot of flacks thought today was a perfect day for a bogus press release.