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I’m in a good mood and this flack seems nice, so I won’t out his name. Here’s part of an email interchange that has been going on since yesterday, when he sent me a press release about optical something or anothers in an email attachment. I do not open unsolicited attachments, and neither does anyone else in their right mind. I politely asked him to put it in the body of an email. Listen up young flacks, old flacks and flacks in ships at sea: Don’t ever do what this publicist did.
Me: what are you selling and why do you think i should be on your list?
Him: Subject: RE: Optical polishing equipment
“You were on a list of technology editors…. although judging by the information in your email it does not seem you would be interested in the subject. One of the problems of using lists. If you dont want to be added back to this list I won’t put you there.”
Me: if you read my blog even once, you’d know what i cover. It’s not telescopes
Him: Sorry I never read your blog, although I am sure it is good.
UPDATE: This guy won’t quit.
Me: “you need to bring yourself up to speed on blogs now. you are coming across as both clueless and lazy.” Was that nice? No way.
Him: I used to cover internet, computer and communications technology very closely–for 15 odd years. Lot of corners I did not delve into. They came and they went so fast. Blogs was one of them. Too crowded to attract my attention for long. I have been intriqued by the apparent interest in them for pr & marketing, but I have not thought them useful for the clients I deal with, for a lot of reasons. I gather you write mostly about consumer technology – again not an area I have been working. I was very lazy when I was nominated for a Pulitzer. Cheers [Translation: I used to be a reporter before I started doing PR for telescopes.]
Me: Nobody can afford to rest on his/her laurels these days.