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PR people, who have been unbelievably slow to gain awareness of the Internet’s impact, are finally taking a more alert look at blogging. And they’re frothing at the mouth because they perceive it as a great outlet for publicity. Brace yourself, bloggers, hoardes of them soon will trash your inbox with press releases fom hell and “Dear Blogger” emails.
“Whether you think bloggers are crackpots or not, many consumers trust them more than they trust you.” That’s what Peter Blackshaw of Intelliseek told a group of about 130 PR people at Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations 2005 conference in San Francisco. He also told the publicists that blogs are like “megaphones on steroids,” according to Joan Stewart of The Publicity Hound.
I’m willing to be there’ll be no love lost between bloggers and flacks when an army of publicists start writing blogs.