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Blogger Russell Beattie, who works for Yahoo! and is, IMO, a defacto PR person for them, has a couple of over the top posts about PR people, one of which maintains that “PR People Are Morons.” That headline is, well, moronic. Beattie also takes a pretty good swipe at Steve Rubel’s mistakes pitching to bloggers. And Rubel owns up and says “OK, I’ll own those and I won’t hide from them.”
I have no great love for the way 97% or more of flacks do their jobs. But the other 3% often brilliantly influence the media and the public, and act as intelligent spokespeople for their client companies.
And I keep hoping that at least a couple more will learn that nobody is listening to the same old shit anymore.
And really, until this round of posts, who ever heard of Russell Beattie? Gee, do you think he’s trying to make a name for himself by taking pot shots at well-known bloggers? It’s certainly been known to happen. :>)