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Pete Blackshaw, CMO of Intelliseek, asks in Clickz whether all the recent brouhaha about corporate blogging is “Irrational Blogguberance?” Yup! Most of it is.
An awful lot of blogs are abandoned, he notes. That’s because blogging is hard work. Most CEOs would rather have root canal than keep up with the research, writing and promotion of an ongoing blog.
Despite the allure, many companies simply aren’t blog-ready. Most companies can’t even provide an intelligent interface with their 800 number, let alone a daily transparent conversation with customers.
…we’ll never get to the second inning if we don’t inject some prudence into our exuberance. The world does not need thousands of blog consultants. It needs companies to take a serious look at their marketing and communication and see if maybe a blog fits.
Here are some of the articles I’ve written over the past few years on who should blog and who shouldn’t and why.
* Straight Talk About Blogs Do You Really Need One?
Blogging caveats:
– Blogs are writing intensive.
– Maintaining a blog is hard work.
– Blogs are no more of a “build it and they will come” medium than Web sites.
– A blog that isn’t well-written and frequently updated will simply be ignored.
– A blog that is an obvious attempt at self promotion may be mocked by other bloggers. You could be a laughing stock of the blogosphere.
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