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Here’s another post PR people need to tape to their computers:
Anil Dash posts great advice to flacks in Don’t Be a Bad Pitcher!:
First, he says, “these points aren’t aimed at clueful PR people. … They don’t need any tips from me….But, if you’re new to pitching bloggers, or if you’re just dumb, you’ll want some pointers.”
_Get my goddamn name right.
_Make sure it’s at least in the realm of possibility that I’d want the product. (My favorite. As in read the blog at least once.)
_Don’t be web-stupid.
_Don’t talk like a database. …[don’t send] “emails that say stupid things like, “Dear Anil Dash, I know you write for Anil Dash blog covering the random horseshit beat, so this might be of interest to you…” Rewrite it in English before you send it, or just don’t bother. It’s only politeness that keeps me from publicly ridiculing the folks who send these.”
_Lead with the link.
_Don’t deliberately antagonize me. “This means: Word documents, PDFs, or pretty much any attachment at all. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any blogger who’ll read these things, let alone one who actually wants them.”
Priceless advice.